After more than 20 years of experience in Dance Sport and its continuous evolution,
I decided to design a brand new training concept, specialized, personalized and
tailor-made for this amazing sport

A training method designed for Ballroom competitive dancers

Dancesport Program by PF22 combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with mobility and yoga sessions,  does not need particular and expensive equipment, requires about 45 minutes per session and has more than 100 training combinations. Being a functional bodyweight training, it focuses on compound movements by engaging all parts of your body with better efficiency.

, which are:
> amount of hours of dance practice,
> technical or stamina practice,
> amount of restitution time,
> amount of sleep,
> nutrition.

Essentially, the
Dancesport Program by PF22 improves the performance of everyday movements and the quality of your life. This makes it a perfect workout for every athlete besides Dance Sport, addressed to all those who intend to break their limits and achieve state-of-the-art fitness.

Improve full body strength & burnes fat

Reduce risk of injuries

Increases flexibility & mobility

Increases coordination, agility and balance

Training Rates

€ 49


€ 99


€ 169




About Me

Pasquale Farina is currently among the best dancers in the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF), finalist and semifinalist in the major competitions of the world, such as Grand Slams, European, World Championship and World Cups. Danish National Champion in Ballroom, two times World Professional finalist and bronze medal at European Professional Standard with his partner Sofie Koborg, representing Denmark in the world of Dance Sport.

Pasquale began his career at 10 and he competed for many years in many divisions and disciplines (Ballroom, Latin American and Liscio Unificato). Since 2010 he decided to specialize in the discipline of the Ballroom and in the last 10 years he has collected more than 260 official competitions, 135 finals and around 70 podiums, trained by the best teachers in the world (Giordano Vanone, Catia Antonioli Vanone, Mirko Gozzoli, Edita Daniute and his historical mentor Stefano Fanasca).

Pasquale began teaching at 15 and he opened his first dance school in 2010, the “Let’s Dance Studio” in Caserta (Italy). Based in Copenaghen (DK) today he teaches all over the world.

Pasquale Farina, Ballroom Champion


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PF22 is suitable for all – whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete. With the Coach, all workouts are personalized for you and your fitness level. This means, if you are a beginner you don’t have to worry about never-ending repetitions or complicated exercises. After each workout, you can provide the Coach with feedback about how the training was for you. With this information your PF22 training plan will be adapted accordingly for the following week.

The simple answer is yes! PF22preparation is not your typical get fit and lose weight fast program. It is a lifestyle. Many of our PF22 Athletes were skeptical in the beginning. They never managed to achieve their goal before, or gave up time and time again because they lacked motivation. But when they decided to try PF22, they finally succeeded.

PF22 is a form of bodyweight training. This means that all you need to do the exercises is your own bodyweight. Some workouts also require a mat and some kind of bar to do chin-ups. This may be, for example, soccer goals, outdoor sport parks or chin-up bars for home use. However, for most of the workouts all you need is yourself and the PF22 web site. 

PF22 is different because it works. Even though the training doesn’t last long, good results can be achieved in a short amount of time and many of our transformations took only 12 to 15 weeks. However, this doesn’t happen without a lot of hard work and dedication from you. No one ever reached their goals by sitting on the couch and waiting for a miracle. But don’t let this scare you. Training with Pf22 may be intense, but it is also worth it. Discover Martin’s story and see for yourself what he has achieved with PF22.

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